Gambus as a traditional musical instrument

Gambus is one of the music that has hundreds of years old and until now still remains popular. Gambus evolved since the 19th century, along with the arrival of Arab immigrants from the Hadramaut (Republic of Yemen) to the archipelago. If the trustees songo using the gamelan as a means of propaganda, the Hadramaut immigrants who came later as the ingredients to make harps.
Using poems kasidah, harp urge people closer to Allah and follow the example of His Messenger. At first, the Arab immigrants bring their own equipment stringed
Gambus from his native country. But it has now produced its own, is no less quality. These stringed lute called the oud in the Middle East. So the term psaltery is only known in Indonesia. I wonder who started named.
While the echoes kasidahan salawat to the Prophet, harp develop into a means of entertainment. No wonder in the 1940s to the 1960s (before the advent of dangdut), harp is a dish that is almost never miss a party, wedding and circumcisions. Gambus actually the forerunner of dangdut music which has now become the consumption of music lovers, not only in the middle and lower level only, but already possessed among the top level.
Gambus currently widely used by dangdut group at lombok.

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