Human Beat Box

Ever heard the term "beatbox" ...? Beatbox purportedly taken from the name for the drum machine in the early generations. However, a beatbox drum machine but this is not art imitating stunts from the mouth of the musical instrument sound like a bass drum, bass, guitar, brass instruments like trumpet or other instruments-instruments. Currently identical to beatbox hiphop culture and music, though often collaborated with other music such as R and B, pop and fusion. In this modern era of the beatboxer mimic the basic drum beats consisting of bass, snare and hihat are generally emulated by vote bfff .. Khh .. and TSS. From basic beats are then developed skill eat it by incorporating other sounds such as Bass, guitars, turntables scrath, sounds like a brass trumpet and even the incorporation of Rap introduce beatboxer, Mcing, singing while simultaneously mimicking the sound the drum / rhythm. One of the famous beatboxer and become world champion is the first international tournament beatbox Joel Turner from Australia.
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