Sequence For C Major Scale on Guitar

If you only knew many of scale but not yet understand how you process these tunes then I can say these things in vain, too. Maybe you know of dozens of scale but the leebih important is how you use just one or two scales with different variations of tone processing techniques. Yes ... here I will give one example to process the sound. I will give you a technique that may be you also have to do it .. techniques to process the tone of this one is called the sequence (playing the same motif over and over again). Ok ... we tried from the very simple scale first, try to play Major Scale aja dulu .. C Major Scale (C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C). You must be very familiar with scales on this one ... really simple but try to use the technique to sequence the C Major scales will be formed following the tone composition. We try to pattern the first three tones (CDE-EFG-DEF-GAB-FGA-ABC) and then try to play a tone sequence with pattern 4 (CDEF, DEFG-EFGA-FGAB-GABC). Try again in a few positions on your guitar fret.
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