Pentatonic Minor Scale

Here we will discuss the great Minor pentatonic scale. I gave the example of A minor pentatonic scale consisting of tones (ACDEG) .. This scale you can use for improvising 12 bar blues chord progressions. For example we are playing at 12 Bar Blues chord progression where the A7 chord as I. For the standard 12 Bar Blues Progression we will meet only three chords in this progression. A7 chord (chord I) - D7 chord (chord IV) and the E7 chord (V chord). I7 chord is played when you can use A Minor pentatonic scale ... Practice in the beginning you start always from the A7 chord tone A for .. Play with simple patterns in advance .. scalenya means play as a whole (especially the rhythm pattern you train dahhulu - example play accent every 4 tone or it could be every 3 tones). This is the basic of the next exercise. At the beginning I'd say that the scale is very unique ... minor pentatonic scale is ok but you can use while the chords in a composition in which you played in the major chord. This uniqueness means you can use the minor pentatonic scale to major or minor chords. You can process the notes that you play with techniques such as sequence either with patterns 3 or 4 ringing tones.
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