Diatonic Chords

Musical tradition as the foundation to be known, that the chord is built on the diatonic scale or the diatonic scales. The composition of interval 3 on Major scales, minor, dominant and diminis. Each chord has a function according to the type and position on the diatonic scales. In jazz harmony, chord triads undergoing further development into Septim chord is formed by adding a third interval above the interval 5 of a chord triads or add a seventh interval above the root of a chord Triad. There are five kinds of Septim chord is very important and useful: 1. Dominant seventh chords 2. Major seventh chord 3. Minor seventh chord 4. Half Diminished 7th chords 5. Diminished seventh chord Based on the chord tones in the diatonic scales, without obtaining the alteration called diatonic chords. For example: diatonic Seventh Chords of C Major Appliances tone is as follows: CM7 - Dm7 - Em7 - FM7 - G7 - Am7 - Bm7-5 The mention of each chord will be as follows: I called the tonic chord is a Major 7th chords II called Super Tonic chords are chords Minor 7th III chord is called the Mediant Minor 7th chord Sub Dominant IV chord is called the Major 7th chords V chord is called Dominant Dominant seventh chords VI chord is called the Sub-Mediant Minor 7th chord Leading Tone VII chord is a chord called the Half Diminished 7 or Minor 7-5
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