dsedna video clips process with Musica

d Sedna included as one of indie bands who were born in Lombok NTB get the chance to represent the final event 'A Mild Live Wanted 2010? in Jakarta. And on the sidelines of this event dsedna activity also had the opportunity to make a video clip that in working on directly by the Musica Studio (Jakarta). While shooting video clips process is spelled out very quickly because it only takes an hour just dsedna children must complete a picture shoot at two locations at once. Location shooting took place at "Taman Menteng" while the second location was taken at Studio Musica. With a duration of 3:49 minute video clip. According to lombok indie .. with a very minimal cultivation process and limit the time like this is a masterpiece in the field of audio-visual that should be given thumbs-up because of time better than the artist in this case is the d'Sedna and the multimedia and editing of the parties who provide facilities cultivation Musica clips them. With a location can still maximize the minimum of the theme songs tailored to his scene by scene. Just imagine if they have enough time to work on this clip then I'm sure the video clip will have the image quality and a much better scenario.
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