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Music is a universal language to express feelings and emotions in the soul. Along with the development of the globalization era, music has become an important part of an industry. An essential ingredient to achieve success in music is the common sense and persistence, because most often the case, success comes to those who choose a job that really was their loved one and vice versa, love the work. Early stages of building a career may be very severe in living, but in times of misery that makes us more about ourselves. We have the philosophy that individuality, charisma, integrity, and loyalty is the real key to the survival of any artist. Therefore, despite many obstacles, obstacles, and the changes that occur, but until now but we try to participate in Indi album and tried to stay Exist and through it with the Ruling, Faith & Confidence. Because we are always trying to prove to be a Tebaik of all the Best.

Starting as a music community in Mataram, which coincidentally both want to follow the events the same band, and formed a band with the name SOLO band consisting of Reza (vocals), Ndrock (guitar I), Dannis (guitar II) .
Formed on June 9, 2010. SOLO is taken from the name of the city of Solo Middle awa which is also where the mother of us were born. Initially we played music, the goal is nothing but to follow the events are invitation Gebyar Music, bringing the songs of our own creation and songs - songs the band and abroad. During the trip the band has always been supported by Bloom Studio Music and Friends - friends Basecamp.
We have a VISION forward to always be able to present a work that can be enjoyed by various groups, young or old, as well as the Mission to the fore to be able to have a "Fans Base" in various places especially in the regions, by the Independent or the term to "Band Entertainment"
Of course, with support from various parties and we hope that we tekuni HOBBY been able to produce an ACHIEVEMENT, and this time we spend training time in the studio and live from stage to stage as a springboard, as well as to improve and enhance our game in music .
With the hope of the music we play can be enjoyed especially by us and generally by audiences both young and old alike.

Vocal:NAME: RezaMataram, April 3, 1988Hobby: Hear Music,
hanging out
Experience:- Various Events Entertainment on Mataram.[ 2005 - 2010 ]- Various Music Festival in Mataram  [ 2005 - 2008 ]
Guitar I:
NAME: NdrockMataram, May 1, 1985Hobby: hear music, playing guitar.Experience:- Champion 2 Fest. WMK (lead the band), 2003- 1 place Fest. Antiviral Drugs (lead band) of 2004- 1 place Fest. Umpluge (lead band) of 2004- The Best Music of 2004 Jinggle Aranger- Stadium Koni {Festival) of 2002 - 2004- Building Cultural Park (Festival) of 2003 to 2004- Various Events and Entertainment on Denpasar Mataram of 2002 - 2010
Guitar II:
NAME: DannisTTL. : Surakarta, January 27, 1985Hobby: MusicExperience- 2nd winner on Fest. WMK (lead the band), 2005- 1 place Fest. Antiviral Drugs (lead the band), 2005- 1 place Fest. Umpluge (lead the band), 2005- Stadium Koni {Festival) Year 2002 - 2005- Building Cultural Park (Festival), 2003 -2005- Various Events Entertainment Mataram A Year 2002 - 2010- Prokrock Se-NTB, Bali and East Java (Festival)
Bass, Drum n keyboard: Auditional Player.

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