D'Jempol is one of indie bands from the city of Mataram, which is often voiced his work with simple lyrics
and what it is. D'Jempol often mentioned have a force fans as jempolan. Without a jempolan, D'Jempol Not Anything. Ace was the one who always motivate D'Jempol to continue working and remain solid. Philosophy D'Jempol name itself is taken from the five fingers of a human hand, each of which has its own meaning, the end of the fifth finger, we decided to choose "d jempol (thumb)" which means good. From the name we are always motivated to be better and always try our best to work. D'Jempol formed on November 7, 2008 after a long down for the previous band named D'VOICE standing since January 11, 2006. D'Jempol consists of four personnel are: Denny Vaezal Akbar / DENOTZ (vocals), Agus Saputra Jayadi / Chily (bass), Dino Alpiano Aditya Putra / DINO (guitar), and Khairil Aries Permana / AIZ (drums). Because one of his new flurry of personnel d'jempol leave, and now D'Jempol stick with three personnel after one of its personnel are familiar in sapa Dino took the decision to leave D'Jempol. Denotz, Chily, and Aiz finally agreed with the flow kind of music Pop Rock Alternative basic though each is different, and of those differences become a music d'jempol intact.

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