Band's debut under the name OP BOX in 2007. Group Band consisting of Wen (Vocal), Mohan (Keyboards), Denny (Rhytem), Ovi (Synthesizer), Didit (Lead Guitar), Justin (drums) and Igor (Bass) began his move them in the local music world. In early 2009 the band's inception group named OP BOX turned government official. The name itself is taken from the government official Dutch language, which means Officials / Government Employees. Government official name chosen by coincidence because all personnel working as a Civil Servant in the City of Mataram. Amtenarpun hope there is not just a stage from stage to stage, but more than that government official wants to give something to the advancement of local music even further for the development of music in the country. Then in mid-year 2009 they decided to make the album, titled "SILATURAHMI CINTA" contain 8 (eight) Pop Rock songs plus bonus tracks Titled I Love You nuanced Reggae. We can plan but God who determines, that is the reality faced by a government official after the launch of Prime Gathering Album Love, Love Gathering Album unexpectedly received very well by the community and raise Lombok I Love You become Hits Radio in and Out of Lombok. Given this reality, and government official should feel obliged to follow the wishes of the community who urged the government official to carry Reggae as the color of their music. Of course this is a challenge for government official but with maturity and experience in music eventually challenge was answered with the birth of second album entitled "You and your color" which again received the Extraordinary in the community. Some of the hits that have been played on several radio around Mataram including Stay With Your Love, which received great appreciation from Steven CoconutTrezz and frontman Tony Q Rastafara National Reggae. And there's more You and your color, Love Love Love and Heaven Decorate My Heart. The album that contains 8 (eight) this song circulated on CD and in mixing in the White Studio Jakarta, so the quality of the resulting match of the National Standard.

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