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News Oetama formed since August 17, 2007 in Mataram, News Oetama easy words and every day people hear or read the word is so easy to remember and impregnated.
News Oetama stands for Give Love To All the People in order to invite other people to love each other, love and respond to everything to help each other because we live in a world that round.

This group consists of 5 musicians, namely:

Bass him Yudhi
Guitar and Vocal her background Adi Peso
Keyboards, Synthesizers and pianika him Fery
Drums him Iwan Delon
Sing to him Shohib H wijaya

News Oetama terinspiration by:

The Beatles, The Doors, Rolling Stones, Frank Ferdinand, Giant Step, White Shoes & The Couples Company, Jacob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, Benjamin S, Naif, Eric Clapton, Koes Plus, Deep Purple etc
News Oetama trying to make a song of his own works and brought the kind of music retro'70an The songs tell about Philosophy News Oetama for berkasih life and love are often experienced in human life rather than just follow the trend
alone. because it comes from the soul with a straightforward concept and Fresh in the lyrics and songs, news Oetama believes our songs can be accepted by society at large. We would also like to thank the friends of the press and radio who have supported us, and the agents and retailers throughout Indonesia. Thank you.

We meet in Mataram,
We meet in city,
And How We love the music but U?

24 hours emergency contact:

News Oetama jl. Bung Hatta no.1 East Pajang
Mobile: 081 805 545 601
Fax: 0370-635321
E-mail us at: / beritaoetama
FB: news Oetama

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