aRy juliyant

ARY JULIYANT to his music since a young age and involved in various local and national level events. He chose the color as a line of folk music, while the guerrilla concept becomes the basis for the delivery of his music. Ary in 1984 was first formed the band with the color of bluegrass music (country) then nominated third best song creation Sangkuriang Country Music Festival II, a Java-Bali. 1985-1990 year nominations I and III was achieved in several music festivals of its kind in Bandung and Jakarta. Years 1990-1993 joined the band Jack Daniel's Revival. "Overhang" is her first indie album created in 1988 with Gairsh. The next album is released, is still an indie label, is "Flower Heaven" (1997), "Through the Wind" and "Singing Leaves" (2000) "Ary Juliyant-ism" (2000), and other

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