Formed on 14 February 2003 with a five-member personnel are still intact today. Early tebentuknya this band stems from their often gather in one of the bungalows owned by their friend who he said is very influential in the band's musical journey Bungalow, therefore in choose the word "bungalow" to name their band group. Long before the personnel actually already have a band each, but because the lack of compatibility and common vision musically with the band eventually chose dispersed earlier and agreed to form Bungalow. Two years of initial formation of Bungalow pioneering musical career with frequent participation in various events events (Contest) music ever held in the city of Mataram, and every event that followed Bungalow prestasi.Seiring appear with the final results over time, precisely dated 3 March 2007 launch Bungalow indie debut mini album digedung Mataram KONI sports format with a live perfomance is also witnessed by about 2,000 more spectators, the number is arguably very fantastic for the size of indie bands from the area in fact not as a barometer of musical ground water such as Bandung, Jakarta, Yogyakarta or Surabaya, much less by paying cash contribution (ticket) IDR 5000  per person and in the building with a capacity of 1500 seats (the stands). The album was given the title "Five Sense" which contains 8 songs that varied shades because they want to freely explore the elements poprock, hip metal, alternative, funk and punk, it's in because each of the personnel who have basic music is different, but not out of the music concept bungalow children who had chosen rock as their musical path. This album can also be said that the album try try because the bungalows have not found the concept of rock music such as what they would usung.Di this album, it also invites some famous musicians in Lombok to collaborate to fill several singles such as Ary Juliyant Kang (voice) and Arif ( violin) in the song "Imagine Companion",. There Dini a talented singer who was still in high school gave harmonizing on the song "I Love U So",. The album is themed on romance, friendship, sense of loss, the moral and hypocrisy. Of the few singles that they have in a few weeks managed to occupy the top chart songs in the national indie radio is radio NTB. After a time after issuing the album, the band liked most of the teens in Lombok is increasingly having a very crowded schedule, in addition to diligently fill pensi campus events and school, one of the leading cigarette prodak invited to work together for the album promo tour in 13 areas that are in NTB, and until recently they were still busy activities with such activities and prepare materials for their second album which he says is different from previous albums, they are a little tidying to follow the trend of music being the music lovers enjoy doing all the homeland at this time, from terms of lyrics, musicality, sound more modern and dynamic. ..
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