A reality .... With the same desire of capital, especially in the field of music FX Charlie Gustaf, Dominicus Octorino Krismawan, Agus Sudyahya and Erwin Tanaya on December 3, 1997 founded the music group named is quite unique: "KuRiKuRi". A band name that they deliberately choose. The name "KuRiKuRi" has its own history. In late 1997, four personnel are intended to form a school band and was named "Simple" in which all members from one school that is SMUK Kesuma Cakranegara. Long story short mid-1999, along with their graduation, eventually the band had disbanded. However, because of similarities in terms of mission & vision hobby and develop creativity itself, along with the completion of the completion of the study - each, they finally committed to re-establish the band by changing namanya.menjadi "KuRiKuRi" (meaning: the door) "KuRiKuRi" itself has philosophy: even though only four of its personnel and only play three instruments, but they can give a treat and stage action with the very maximum. The ability to adopt the technology and capability of high bermusikalitas make this band into a band a solid and qualified. Their presence in the music world NTB initially not directly shine just like that, but judging from the appearance, his ability and experience, they can be categorized loaded a music group to be reckoned with his presence.

KuRiKuRi, uP Lines:
@ Lick: Harmoniez Maker
RwieN: High Rensonace
My-man: Soul Filler
Inoe: Low-end keeper
Goez_d: Rhythm Beat

There is a wind, the public began to notice the music "KuRiKuRi", realize it is a good opportunity, they began to fix any areas that are considered important in playing music. In preparing the first concept album of music really matured and refined by considering the analysis and inputs obtained from the relatives of music. Siip .. Go move indieZ Band!

What we want to meet:KuRiKuRi_pandang se-Indonesia Raya!

Our 24 hour emergency e-mail:Band: kuri_pandang@yahoo.co.id@ Lick: kaka_alick@yahoo.comrwien: daytona-20@mailcity.commy-man: inu.lintang @ gmail.comInoe: rino_meva@yahoo.comgoez_d: goez_d@yahoo.com

KuRiKuRi in the boat

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