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CALIFORNIA - The news circulating about the desirability of issuing a Facebook music application, appears to be truly realized. Even Facebook seems inspired from iTunes to create a music service that can be accessed free.
As the world's most popular social networking, it seems Facebook will soon launch a music service applications that will soon be launched in San Francisco on 22 September.
This new service allows the 750 million Facebook users worldwide to access millions of songs directly through this site, without having to install special software on their PCs.
It looks very interesting because at least millions of songs that will be available on the site by users terbangak in the world and users can also purchase new songs through this site. Facebook probably inspired from that designed by Apple's iTunes.
"Many of the most popular music services around the world who have integrated with Facebook and we continue to discuss with our partners about ways to make it much better," said a spokesman for Facebook, as quoted by The Hindu, Wednesday (7 / 9 / 2011).
Until now, the Facebook reluctant to give more details about a new service that will soon come of this.
It is estimated that one of the strongest candidates to partner with Facebook is Spotify, the Swedish music service that is used by 10 million people around the world and is very popular in the UK.
Currently, Spotify offers a library of music that has more than 15 million free songs and seen as a serious challenger to Apple's iTunes.


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