Guitar Efx Clinic by Cella "Kotak"

JIM Dunlop, CRY BABY, MXR Stompbox Effects Pedal DEMO CLINIC, Sunday, August 21, 2011 @ Hall Mataram Mall, Jam 13.00 - completed, Cella Featuring "BOX" ... ... ... and also appeared Band2 top local indie like The Island, Single Queen, Fresh Beat, Citro Nela, Solo Band, Dina Gelistan, Rest n Relax, D Thumb, Die Charge Po Yu, Decimal, Slocky, The Parno ', Dweebee. The actual event if packaged and fully utilized will be an alternative event that is always eagerly awaited by the Indie Music Performer in Lombok. Why you should play on the show this clinic Demo ...? Yes Lombok Indie musicians are particularly hungry for a EVENT in Mataram and surrounding areas that can be said like "Finding an oasis in the desert is arid and barren" ... I can say this because it is very rare events, especially music that lifts the existence of Local msusisi in Lombok at this time. Finally Klinikpun Demo event is a target for Indie musicians ... But I strongly applaud and two thumbs up for the Rocket Music Gear N More for giving space to the Local msusisi participated in the event that if we are aware of and look further ... in fact this event is the event Clinic EFX demo guitar ... And one more thing that must be recognized by the guitarists in particular that the chili and the importance of knowing how to master the GUITAR SOUND ... so playing on a stage .. not just memorize the songs and performances just visually but there are other aspects of sound that must be considered [EFX and ampilfikasi] ... Here cella to review "How to use and maximize the sound produced by EFX certain guitars with amps that there is" ... But this re- again into another guitarist .. whether the desired sound like that ...? Back in a matter of taste ... But in outline cella has been widely opened my personal opinion that the preparation needed in a performance on stage with Band GROUP ...
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